Turnkey delivery for any cargo from Europe within 7 days. Complete dossier included.

We listen to you, all the time!
We secure your regular supplies and take financial responsibility for any delays.
Increase your revenues with our regular supplies of goods from European manufacturers to your customers.
Every Wednesday our combined transport departs from Vilnius to Moscow. Working with regular customers, we are able to minimize the weekly transport volume.
Entrust us with pickup of goods ex works.
We leverage a large network of warehouses in Europe to collect goods from remote locations. By the end of each week, we collect orders from all our Italian warehouses and ship them to Vilnius.
Manage risks for payment to your European suppliers.
We can pay your European suppliers within 5 days!
Due to our large cargo traffic, we are able to pay European manufacturers directly.
Save costs for customs clearance by 20%
We optimize customs clearance costs, using legal possibilities. We carry out customs clearance of goods in Belarus, using actual packing
Complete dossier for your tender participation.
With our customs clearance, we provide cargo customs declaration numbers in the closing documents!
We agree with you on the goods specification, in order to prepare the correct nomenclature in the shipping documents.
Save time and money for orders' delivery to your customers in different parts of the country.
We deliver goods to your customers, deploying our own truck fleet or in cooperation with shipping companies, right from our central warehouses in St. Petersburg and Moscow.
Our fleet is located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Murmansk, and
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